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The Wedding Veil: In or Old-fashioned?

by VG on 09-05-2011 in

The long-time tradition of the wedding veil—across many cultures—shows no sign of backing down.

In fact, full-length or ‘cathedral’ veils are becoming increasingly popular among today’s brides. And being an important part of the wedding dress, you have to be careful when choosing which wedding veil you will use for your Gippsland Bride.

When deciding, ask yourself the following:

1. Which length is right for me?

The short wedding veil, which covers just the face, will look good on short wedding dresses and petite brides, as it doesn’t overwhelm the overall appearance. Long veils, meanwhile, look best on taller brides and complements long dresses. In between the shortest and longest veils are many varied lengths for all styles of dresses. The key is to pick a veil that flatters your height and the details of your dress. Veils can also be altered or made-to-measure to fit your specific needs.

2. One tier or two?

One-tier veils are generally less formal than two-tier veils, and will give a more classic look to your Gippsland Bride ensemble. But, if you’re looking to be a show-stopper when you walk down the aisle, two-tier veils will do the trick. Make sure that the wedding veil will provide the look and effect that you want, while still perfectly complementing the Gippsland Bride’s dresses.

3. How should I wear my hair under the veil?
Traditionally, brides used to wear their hair flowing out under the wedding veil as a symbol of virginity or purity. Obviously, times have changed—modern-day brides now have a multitude of options available to them. Work out whether you want your veil to tilt back to show off your hairstyle, or if you want the veil to be a focal point of your outfit.


Like any other accessory, your choice of wedding veil should be in total harmony with the rest of your wedding dress ensemble. Too flattering and you’ll attract unwanted attention; too typical and you’ll look like a lifeless bride. So choose wisely and be the most astonishing bride on your Gippsland Bride day!

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