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The Best Gippsland Bride Ceremony Styles

by VG on 09-05-2011 in

So, you have made your choice of wedding dress and colour motif, now you need to choose your Gippsland Bride ceremony style.

A wedding ceremony in a church followed by reception centre doesn’t have to be the only formula for your wedding. Such a wedding ceremony style, while okay, can be perceived as too traditional, even boring. Now, you wouldn’t want your guests to get bored to death, would you?

When choosing the perfect wedding ceremony style, go for the style that reflects your personality, or is definitely not the usual stuff. Because it’s your big day, you have to be extra imaginative to make your Gippsland Bride exciting and unforgettable.

Here are some suggested wedding ceremony styles:

Breakfast or brunch. This is a great twist and the perfect end to a sunrise wedding ceremony by the beach. The food at your wedding brunch will be considerably lighter than what you’d have at a dinner—and guests will drink less! Think canapes or bellinis with luxurious ingredients and fruit-filled cocktails. Here, you can waive the obligatory night at the wedding venue (which saves you money) and leave for your honeymoon on the same day (which gives you more time with your new lifetime partner).

Afternoon tea. This is an incredibly cute way to add a touch of glamour and vintage flair to your wedding venue. You can have endless fun choosing delicious fillings for sandwiches, beautifully decorated petit fours, and bite-size tarts. This wedding ceremony style costs cheaper, but the aristocratic-roots of high tea will make your guests think that you’ve spent a fortune on your wedding reception. You can even whip up a fun theme like the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Alice in Wonderland to make your Gippsland Bride out of the box.

Sit-down dinner. Of course, classic is always in! Here, your guests need to dress up to complement the formal and classy feel and look of the wedding venue. Splurge on your guests and make them feel special with three courses, champagne, and cake. The sit-down reception is perfect for foodies who want go all-out on the dishes and have the time to really savour them.

Cocktail. This wedding ceremony style is perfect for a small guest list. Here, guests can move around and chat with whoever, thus doing away with troublesome seating charts. With little or no effort, you will please guests with three meals and give them a relaxed atmosphere where they can nibble whatever food that they fancy.


Keep in mind that the right wedding ceremony style will greatly add up to the enjoyment of everybody in your wedding. As such, take time in choosing which Gippsland Bride ceremony style you’ll adopt—remember that it’s your big day, and you want to make it as enjoyable to guests as possible. So, take your pick and enjoy a memorable Gippsland Bride!

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