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Choosing the Right Type of Flowers for Your Big Day

by VG on 09-05-2011 in Wedding Articles

No matter how lavishly prepared your Gippsland Bride reception venue, and how beautiful your wedding gown is, they will still look bland without the right type of flowers to complement them.

Much like choosing your colour motif, your choice of flowers for your Gippsland Bride will greatly enhance the overall grandeur of your big day. Hence, here are the factors that you should consider when picking the perfect flowers for your wedding:

1. The season. It’s like going to a fine dining restaurant wearing a two-piece bikini—it looks horrible. Thus, when choosing the flowers, keep into careful consideration the specific season when you intend to tie the knot.

Want to hold your Gippsland Bride in Summer? Then go for dahlias, gardenias, hydrangeas, and frangipanis. These colourful flowers add warmth and brightness to the wedding or reception venue, and greatly enlighten everybody’s mood. An Autumn wedding? Try David Austin roses, Calla lilies and Lissianthus, or be different and perfume your ceremony and reception with vases of lavender.

Fancying a Winter date? Jonquils, camellias, cymbidium orchids and cornflowers are perfect for such season. A Gippsland Bride in Spring goes well with peonies, sweet peas, ranunculus, lily-of-the-valley and magnolias. You may also want to opt to be on the safe side by choosing all-year-round irises, carnations, freesias, antheriums and hothouse-grown roses.

2. Colour Themes. Flowers’ colours carry specific symbolism, that’s why you must be very careful when choosing. Pink signifies romance, grace and fidelity; White suggests purity, innocence and serenity; Yellow symbolises happiness, friendship, pride and success; blue signifies confidence and calmness; while Orange suggests ongoing love and satisfaction.

3. Heritage.Many couples choose to pick their flowers based on their heritage. Scottish weddings might include a traditional rose and thistle buttonhole arrangement; Singaporean weddings might include iconic Singapore Orchids; while a Pacific Islands wedding might base its flower arrangements around the beautiful red hibiscus.

4. Personal Style.When choosing for the flower that best personifies you and your partner, here are some excellent suggestions:

• Elegant: Vintage-inspired, classic arrangements and bouquets are among the most elegant of choices. Consider muted colours, silk ribbons and even gold or pearl embellishments and adornments. Neat, round bouquets work well with this theme.
• Romantic: Pink flowers are a great alternative to the traditional red and white roses. Cascading arrangements give a dreamy, romantic feel to the flowers.
• Bohemian: For a real ‘earthy’ feel, choose not-too-neat arrangements scattered with fruit, nuts or other natural elements. More green works with this theme, as do wreaths and floral headpieces.
• Modern: Some brides go for really unconventional choices, like a bridal bouquet made entirely of red chillies, or a single sunflower on each table at the reception. A unique choice will make your wedding a truly memorable day for your guests.

Keep in mind that your choice of flowers for your Gippsland Bride should be economical yet attractive, and should be in perfect harmony with the rest of the elements of your wedding. This way, you’re assured of the best wedding experience possible, courtesy of the mood exuded by the flowers of your choice.

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