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10 Tips in Getting the Perfect Wedding Dress

by VG on 09-05-2011 in

You’ve found the perfect man, now you need the perfect wedding dress.

Getting the best possible wedding dress for your Gippsland Bride can be very tricky, time-consuming, and incredibly frustrating, more so when you can’t seem to find the cut or design that you want.

Here are 10 tips in choosing the perfect bridal dress for your Gippsland Bride:

1. Choose a good wedding dress style. Don’t just walk blindly in to a bridal boutique hoping to stumble across the perfect gown. Instead, do some homework—read bridal magazines to get an idea of what you want and take pictures with you to keep you on track. This way, you’ll save precious time and energy that you can instead devote to other wedding preparations.

2. Figure out which cut or design best suits you.Knowing what looks good on you will keep you from wasting hours trying on ill-fitting frocks. Ask a friend, consult a fashion expert, or solicit your future husband’s idea on which wedding dress he thinks will make you look every inch a stunning bride.

3. Set a budget. There’s no point visiting boutiques out of your price range. Have a figure in mind and shop accordingly. You wouldn’t want to spend too much for a dress that you’ll most likely wear only during your Gippsland Bride.

4. Research designers. Every designer has their own signature wedding dress style. Find the ones whose gowns make you swoon, but still within a reasonable price tag.

5. Shop around. You didn’t just marry the first man that tried to pick you up, so don’t settle on the first wedding dress you see. Have a look around and enjoy the experience! It’s best to window shop in at least 5 different bridal dress shops, and then narrow the list down into two. This way, choosing will be relatively easy.

6. Give yourself plenty of time. You don’t want to be rushing from shop to shop, you want enough time to make calm and considered decision you won’t regret later. Remember: it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

7. Make an appointment. The salespeople are better able to cater your needs if you visit them during the week, and by making an appointment, you’ll ensure they’re all eyes on you.

8. Bring a friend. Shopping for your Gippsland Bride bridal dress is always easier if you have someone you trust on hand for a second opinion. Better yet, tag your fiancé along with you so you could spend quality time with him.

9. Be open-minded. Knowing your style and shape can save time, but refusing to try on something different or something the salesperson suggests might keep you finding that show-stopping gown. Keep in mind that other people sometimes have the best idea on what does, or what doesn’t, look good on you.

10. Don’t give up. Your perfect dress is out there—all you need to do is find it!


Just keep these wedding dress shopping tips in mind and you’ll surely find the perfect dress to make you a stunningly beautiful bride on your Gippsland Bride day!

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